Everything All At Once

The Age of Tyranny... 
“Something’s not right.” Connor whispered through his headset. “What are you talking about?” Brians voice crackled in his ear. “Entry was too easy.” 

“It‘s a standard pop-and-drop, man. No reason to get freaked.” Connor knew Brian was right, but his nerves were getting the better of him. It was as if it was his first mark back in Zimbabwe, feeling the butterflies dance in his brain. Maybe it was because of the target; Vice President Demetrius Cunningham. Connor was replaying the last forty-five minutes in his mind moment by moment, and it just seemed too easy. Something wasn’t right. 

Jamie took quick steps down the long corridor to stage room A. Two large, almost comically stout men in black suits stood on either side of the door. As she approached, both men turned to eye her, mentally looking for signs of weapons. She nodded to each of them, stopping momentarily to look them in their eye. 

“Please tell the Vice President know that we are go in fifteen.” They both nodded simultaneously, and she continued her brisk walk down the corridor. 

It was June 30th, 2048. Vice President Cunningham was set to speak at the Clean Energy Summit in Stockholm. Cunningham had been famous in his zealous crusade for newer, safer, and cleaner energy through nuclear fusion. Many politicians and world leaders still felt there was too much risk in such an unproven and potentially dangerous technology, but successful installations in smaller cities in Nebraska and Wyoming was beginning to garner major attention and demand. Now he needed to convince a major United States city to install one, and Cunningham was sure the rest of the world would follow suite. This would end America’s dependence on foreign oil while cementing their position as the foremost world power. 


In The Third Renaissance... 
“This is when and where it happens.” Abigail stated adamantly. 
“Where what happens?” Joseph asked skeptically. 
“The assassination attempt of the vice president in 2048.” 
“Possible, but unlikely.” He shrugged nonchalantly. 
“I’m telling you, this is it! The survival of the vice president was the key event that leads us to our impending disaster.” 
Abigail spoke with such naive vigor it reminded Joseph of many newly-sanctioned Time Viewers. “This is where it happens. This is where it all starts. Something happens here.” 

“Abigail, we have devoted much resources to many other of your predictions, fruitlessly I might add. We cannot go investing time and resources into more dead ends--” 
“I’m not suggesting we try to change anything yet,” she interrupted. “I’m only suggesting you grant me clearance to investigate further. Some thing isn’t right at that point in time.” 

What could happen? What if Cunningham wasn’t assassinated? If he survived what would happen? No long war. No mercenaries. No death. So many lives would be saved. 
Abigail pondered the idea of what the world would be like if Cunningham survived. 

  In the Nano Age....... 
Abject terror: that’s what summarized the emotions bouncing wildly in the mind of the young William. At the tender age of 19, the fledgling Engineer had discovered a world changing technology. This had made him the youngest to ever win the Nobel Prize since Lawrence Bragg in 1915 about half a millennium ago. Some believed that this technology could lead to a true Artificial Intelligence, something that had yet to be done. A computer program that could truly mimic the thoughts, feelings, and complex social interactions of a human. Others had claimed it impossible until now. He wondered what kind of world this technology would usher forth. 

  In the Apocalyptic Era...... 
Three, dash, seven, two, 3-72 He, She? Advanced beings needed no gender or title. The universal language of numbers, math and algorithms defined the cyborgs. Probabilities, possibilities, and inevitabilities were its driving force. One could argue that humans shared the same motivation. It acted human, it could “feel” like a human, had passion like a human, but it more machine than human. It decided it was a she, and she went by Athena. It was her nickname, but then it became her name. She led one of the largest groups of revolutionaries. It had been 130 years into this arduous war and many were beginning to believe there was a stalemate. Big government versus “them.” Who was going to make the next big move? Wen Zemin, president of China showed serious psychological ailments; her prediction was that they‘d turn suicidal. The US leaders were running out of resources and Zail Sharma Singh of India, appeared to be following suite. 


The 200 Year war........ 
Kenregan shook with barely hidden fury, his cheeks tinged red. "How could you be so stupid?" he roared, "this Athena character is notoriously suspicious, but you promote her against my authority!" 
Jacob regarded Kenregan with a stoic face. "So you say, but she was the best equipped to succeed the 11th Division in North America. The best mind to lead them at the time." 
Kenregen slammed a hand against the table. "I can‘t just un-promote her! We‘re stuck with her now!” 
“I know, but there wasn’t time to find an alternative. We need to continue to show stability and strength, to show that we hold power. Any delay would’ve undermined our public persona, and we can’t afford that at this juncture. We’ve been at this a long time, Kenregan, but we’re almost there. We’re almost at the tipping point where we finalize our control.” 
“Exactly. There is something off with her. Have you seen her past? Of course not, because she doesn’t have one! No records! No birth certificate, no registration circuit date, not even a damned library card with her name! There is nothing known about Athena before her enrollment, and now you‘ve handed her the 11th Division.” Kenregen‘s eyes narrowed. “This is completely against protocol, not to mention dangerous.” 
“Don’t you think I agree with you? Every thought you laid out I completely agree with.” Jacob rubbed his forehead, sighing softly. “ her promotion and new assignment came from Malikai.” Kenregan’s eyes widened. He leaned across the table, his angry glare turning to a confused frown. 
“Malikai? Why wasn’t I informed? Why do you tell me this now aft--” 
“I’m sorry Kenregan, I was ordered not to tell you. The bosses have plans, and are completely aware of your….our….concerns. That being said, the brass were impressed with her performance on the Canadian Border…and so was I.” replied Jacob “I’m telling you now because I trust you. Specifics have been set to watch her closely by multiple individuals, including members of her command staff.” “Who?” 
“I don’t know. I just know this went over your head because of your bias.” “I don’t trust her.” 
“You don’t like her and you‘re jealous. That‘s what they‘re saying up top, Kenregan. You are currently persona non gratis and she‘s the kid with the golden star.“ 

  Written By: Ryan Saplan 
Edited By: Lance Park