Powerful and dominant over society, Politicians ruled the world with insufferable malice and the command of a giant.  Political powers grew into a dictatorship in the soon-to-be future.  Mercenaries were used by the Politicians as a way to maintain their iron grip over the world.  The Politician’s greed for power eventually outweighed their ability to control society and ultimately caused their downfall. 

Many of the Mercenaries reached an epiphany: though they were well paid, by serving the rulers of the world they too were being controlled and manipulated, just like the people they were ordered to oppress.  With the rallying cry of rebellion against the Politicians and their own goal of world domination, what felt like an eternal war ensued.  This war saw the government topple. Between the bloated corruption of the Politicians and the destructive rebellion of the Mercenaries, both sides began to realize the massive drain the conquest brought. Though the Mercenaries robbed the Politicians of power, they were unable to maintain control. To the populace’s horror, the Mercenaries simply walked away, leaving the world leaderless and its fate to chance. 

From the greed of this war blossomed a new age of robotics, engineering, and quantum mechanics.  With an abundance of new technology the world was ready for change.  Engineers came together from all corners of the globe, working tirelessly to reshape the darkness of the past into a bright new future.  From the ashes of war and the conflux of Engineers and re-established stability, a strong and prevalent society grew around the globe.  Dubbed the Nano Age, this Era breathed new life into the world and formed a peaceful, highly intellectual, self governed global society. 

Reveling in this peace, the world became smaller and technological progress moved quickly. Lifespans increased as integrated bionics became more prevalent, and those that defined these advances became known as Purists. The Nano Age begat something more impressive than itself, a golden 3rd Renaissance where knowledge was networked between billions upon billions. This was an age of paradise without borders that had every man, woman, and child, focused on the greater good. 

As bionic integration continued, a new life form took shape.  Cyborgs. More machine than man, these beings became rooted in society, and a schism began to form.  Purists only used technology to advance society and enhance their physical life.  Cyborgs abused, obtained or created new technology regardless of the risks or breaches of morality it presented. This became apparent as Cyborgs used their technology to enhance their mental acuminate, quickly outpacing the Purists in scientific developments with their radical and reckless methods. 

As Cyborgs took greater hold in society, they aided in creating a new technology: Time Viewing.  Time Viewing allowed one to see the past and parts of the future, but did not allow interact with it.  This innovation calmed any who worried about the pace and morality of the Cyborg’s development, and most thought this heralded yet another golden era.  They were terribly wrong. 

Eventually the ability to rift through time was extracted from Time Viewing. Rifting re-birthed fear into society, and with it spawned greed and corruption.  With all the power and reasoning of a machine combined with the emotional depth of man, the Cyborg’s flawed and corrupt wisdom lead to pure chaos.  In an attempt to exterminate Purists from society, Cyborgs became self destructive and ultimately began to abuse Time Travel to further their power.  Their lust and greed led to the “Apocalyptic Age,” and ultimately the end of life as we know it. 

Using Time Viewing, a small group of Purists had foreseen this Apocalypse and began to take steps to counteract it before the Apocalypse unfolded.  Purists countered the Cyborg’s destructive time traveling tactics by rifting back in time themselves and educating people from the past about the truth of their distant future.  Several key leaders from the Nano Age were given the technology to rift through time in hopes they would be able to help stop the inevitable destruction of mankind. Unknown to the Purists and those they entrusted their rifting technology to, the Engineers, it would inevitably become stolen and compromised. With the technology to rift through time now exposed to the corrupt, the world’s fate hinges on those who can rift through time. Unfortunately for the world, these time travelers have all come to share one goal: self preservation. 

“Suddenly, Time Travelers referring to themselves as "Aeons" appeared in present day.  Many people were abducted and taken to different Eras in time.  Some were killed, some were saved, some were manipulated with lies, some were taken to the past, and others were even given the capability to travel through time.  Everything will change…”  

- Anonymous, Unknown Date. 

Written By: Thomas Rushing 
Edited By: Lance Park 
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