ARC: Cyborg Deck




The "ARC: Cyborg Deck" includes all items listed below.

1 of each of the following decks: - Cyborg Deck (Deck Box Not Included)

1 Copy of Quick Start Rules Time Traveler's Story...


Once a minor sect of the Puritan Concordat, the Cyborg Cooperative broke away from them due to ethical differences: the concordat was far too restrictive for their liking. Now turned regime, they have forsaken scientific enlightenment for technological superiority. They view themselves as the new dominant species of Earth and see total subjugation of humanity as the logical step towards their ascension. ARC is based on a time travel storyline and is filled with tons of strategy! With many different characters to choose from, each having their own theme and style of play, you will enjoy countless games with endless scenarios that will leave you wanting more!


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