ARC: Politician Deck




The "ARC: Politician Deck" includes all items listed below.

1 of each of the following decks: - Politician Deck (Deck Box Not Included)

1 Copy of Quick Start Rules Time Traveler's Story...


Manipulators of men, money, and nations, the Politicians hold rein in the Age of Tyranny with iron fists. Under their command are dozens of mercenary charters that strike at their whim, and any who try to deny the will of the Politicians will find their lives ruined the next day. In the end, the defiant souls end up vanishing in the night, never to be seen again. ARC is based on a time travel storyline and is filled with tons of strategy! With many different characters to choose from, each having their own theme and style of play, you will enjoy countless games with endless scenarios that will leave you wanting more!


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