What Is ARC?


ARC is a non-collectible card game based on a time travel theme. In ARC you are a time traveler called an Aeon that is hunting down and defeating all other Aeons in the timeline. There are different "Era" cards you can travel to and from that form a playing surface similar to a game board. Depending on which Aeon you choose, the Eras in the game will change. Your goal is to defeat all of the other Aeons so you can control time and change the future how you and your allies see fit!


The first edition of ARC is comprised of five themed pre-constructed decks: CyborgEngineerMercenaryPolitician and Purist. Each pre-constructed deck of 64 cards contains multiple copies of most cards included.


Play time varies, ranging from 15 minutes for a two-player game to 40-75 minutes for games with 3-4 players.


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